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We drive change in a constructive, responsive, cooperation with our clients. The Lean Growth approach means applying systematised common sense – using the resources of your business in the right way. We help you achieve growth by using freed up resources that already exist.

We apply a set of tools and methods that has been developed based on both research and practical experience. Our ways of working are described in our series "Ohde Solutions".

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In the book LN GRWTH, the Lean Growth concept is described together with examples of successful lean growth implementation. 

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How do you get your business to grow?

The fact is that the resources you need to grow are already there. Only a small part of what the company is dong actually adds value to the customer. The rest consist of different kinds of waste of time, energy and money. Lean Growth is a continuous and consistent process that never ends. It is not a trendy “quick fix” to jack up profitability but instead a guaranteed way of achieving sustainable performance improvement.

There are major differences between Lean Growth driven businesses and traditionally managed companies. We can show you these differences.


We are very clear about what we can achieve

Together with your team our consultants develop an approach that is specifically tailored to your needs. We work with companies and organisations across different industries and areas. An assignment usually covers three stages of the change process: 

  1. Pre-study – we make a preliminary assessment of the potential performance improvement under different conditions
  2. Development phase – together with the you we further analyse and confirm the different scenarios and develop a strategy and actions
  3. Implementation phase – in this phase you and your organisation work actively in carrying out the change process that will lead to increased growth. Our consultants take a background role, but are there to advise and support you. 


An experienced team

Ohde & Co was established in 1993. In addition to being experienced consultants our people have track records from managerial positions across a variety of industries and functions. Over the years, this has resulted in a comprehensive knowledge base.

We work with several of Sweden´s most well-known international corporations including SKF, Volvo, Getinge, Astra Zeneca, Peab, BAE System Hägglunds, Swedish Match and IKEA in the form of the Industry and Components businesses.

In the service sector we have worked in e.g. health care, local government and media.

Our vision is to be the most respected company in our industry in Sweden.

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