Ohde & Co helps your company grow

The resources you need to grow your business are already in your company. But only a small part of what you are doing actually adds value for your customers. The rest is waste of time, energy and money.

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Lean Growth

The method that we use to grow your business we call Lean Growth. Lean Growth is based on implementing systematised common sense in a lean organic growth process. By reinvesting freed up resources growth can be achieved without massive investment or cost. Together we drive a change process that is adapted to the requirements and possibilities in your specific business.

The Lean Growth process is enhanced by Ohde´s access to PIMS® unique analytical models giving our customers support in making the right – evidence based – strategic decisions.

Experienced consultants and international partnerships

Ohde & Co´s consultants all have many years experience in senior management or line positions across a variety of industries and countries.

Our own consultants can also draw on the resources and experience of our cooperation partners Malik management, St Gallen and PIMS Associates, London.


In the book LNGRWTH™ the Lean Growth process is described from prestudy to implementation. Two different kinds of waste – Pure Waste (obvious waste that is addressed within the current structure) and Forced Waste (waste that is built into the company structure – e.g. poor process, product or organisational design) is one of the concepts you can read more about in the book.

Sven Ohde